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Control type Other
Year of manufacturing -
Operating hours n.s.
Price (net) €690 net
Dimensions n.s.
Weight n.s.
Location Haiger

The monitor is conceived so he at few minutes of the operator independently after the enclosed instructions it can be exchanged. The control timing is preset i.e. the monitor is ready for use immediately. Micro-adjustments can be changed about the self explicatory menu ON SCREEN arbitrarily by customer wish.The connections for the graphics signal are by a conector 20pol. he can not wrong are put on is able marked. The monitor TFT is fastened to the same points like the original monitor and this guarantees easy installation.

- 8,4“ industrial monitors TFT substitute with 9“CRT monitors.
- Connection: compatible plug connectors to the very easy installation.
- Chassis monitor from high-quality high-grade steel case with compatible connection.

Contact person:

Herr Mario Wurm
 Phone: +49 2773 745993
 Mobil: +49 172 8016125

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